Furniture Trends For 2016

Shopping for furniture can be challenging if you do not have an idea as to what you are looking for. There are so many colors, patterns, wood types, and styles to select from. If you love trendy and modern furniture, learning about furniture trends for 2016 may help you hone in on the furniture that appeals most to you. Here are some trends you may want to consider as you shop for furniture this year.

Grandmother Florals

One of the hottest furniture trends for the year 2016 is expected to be grandmother florals. These are large floral patterns that remind you of the look and feel in your grandmothers house. For those who are daring, you can find a couch or loveseat with this type of pattern on it. If you are not all that daring, you can incorporate this type of pattern in your space in your throw pillows, on the seats of your dining room chair, in a throw rug, or in your draperies. These patterns add color and design to a space. However, in order to keep this look modern, be sure to keep the rest of your furniture simplistic. Do not try to mix other colors or patterns in with large floral patterns, as you can overwhelm the space. Stick to simple neutrals and let the floral pattern be the star of the room.

Warm Metals

Another one of the trends that is expected to be popular in 2016 is warm metals. Desks, dining room tables, end tables, and coffee tables can be made from metal. Over the past decade, silver- and nickel-based metals were trendy and popular. They added a metallic sheen that looked modern. However, the trends are shifting, and warm metal colors, such as rose gold, copper and brass are becoming more popular in furniture. These metals have a warmth to them that adds character and color, while still adding a gleam of metallic brightness. If you are looking for a piece of furniture with metal detailing to it, look for a warm metallic color to keep your space on trend this year. And if you are not fully committed to a large piece of metal furniture in your space, consider adding warm metal pulls to an existing piece, such as the knobs or pulls on an entertainment stand.

The Color Black

The last trend that is supposed to be trendy in 2016 is the color black. Black has been a popular color choice in kitchens over the past few years. Whether it was the walls or the cabinets, adding something black in that space created an upscale, dramatic feel. That color trend is now shifting to living rooms and dining rooms. If you are looking to incorporate the color black into your space but don't want to commit to painting your walls, consider bringing in black furniture. A black couch paired with light-colored throw pillows can bring a dramatic, yet contemporary flair to the space. Or adding black wood, such as a wooden entertainment stand, coffee table, or dining room table can give you the black color you need to be trendy this year. If you do decide to bring black furniture into your space, keep everything else light and airy to ensure your space looks modern, not gothic or dark.

The furniture in your space can set the tone for the entire feel of the room. If you desire a modern or stylish feel to your room, pay attention to what trends are hot as you shop for furniture. Grandmother floral patterns, warm metals, and the color black are all expected to be trendy this year. Incorporating one of these trends into your space through your furniture can make the space seem modern and trendy.