3 Ways To Protect The Interior Of Your Car

Keeping the seats of your car as beautiful as the outside of your vehicle takes a bit of work. You need to do what you can to protect the lining and fragile materials of the bottom and backs of the upholstery to keep seats from tearing or wearing out. Here are 3 ways you can protect the interior of your car so it always looks glamorous inside and out.

Get custom seats

If you have pets or kids that will be riding with you a lot in your car, then getting custom seats can be a great idea. You will want to choose a durable yet attractive material for the inside of you car, such as velour or leather, to prevent scratches, tears, and other issues that will need to be repaired. Direct sunlight is a huge detriment to vinyl and leather automobile upholstery, so if you have custom seats made, you will want to tint your windows to block UV rays, cover your vehicle when not in use or cover your seats with a protective material. You can choose custom seats and other upholstery upgrades in nearly any color you desire.

Perform small repairs right away

The biggest problems you will run into with automobile seats and backs is tears. They can be caused by placing items in your car that are sharp, by pets, by wear and tear over time, or by other issues. These tears place stress on the remaining fabric areas, causing small damages to quickly become large ones.You will want to repair small nicks and cuts as soon as they happen. You can repair leather and vinyl damage with a liquid upholstery repair kit that matches your car's interior best. You can stitch up velour or other cloth-like materials with a needle and thread. If you are unsure about how to treat the material you are working with, take your car to an automobile upholstery repair specialist.

Keep your seats covered

The best way to protect your car's interior is to limit the amount of stress it gets. Covering your seats with a removable barrier in a custom color to match your car can keep the inside looking fresher and newer, longer. When you wash your seat covers make sure to take out and wash all your floor mats to keep the inside of your car in beautiful condition. If you are having issues with stains an auto upholstery repair expert will be happy to steam clean your car's interior.

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