3 Ergonomic Solutions For Your Office Workspace

If you're looking to get some new office furniture for your office, and have decided that you want to take into account ergonomic concerns, then you're probably looking for alternatives to the classic desk and chair setup. While these are the standard office furniture setup, they don't have to be your only choice when it comes time to revamp the space. Here are a few ides to consider that will help your employees feel more comfortable throughout the day.

Lumbar Support Chair

One of the best things to get for your office is a good supply of lumbar support chairs. These chairs have a design that helps support the lower back. This is one of the most problematic issues for people who sit for long periods of time. There are lumbar support chairs that have adjustable support devices (including inflatable pumps that can increase or decrease pressure in the cushioning) as well as solid design chairs that are curved in to lend support to the lower back.

One feature to look for in conjunction with the lumbar support feature is an adjustable height design. So, if you have a male employee who is 6'5, they will be able to use the chair as comfortably as their 5'1 coworker.

Standing Desk

Another cool idea is to consider a standing desk option. These are gaining popularity because studies are suggesting that prolonged sitting is very bad for the body. Standing desks are a great solution. You can get desks that can be adjusted to the persons height (solving the problem encountered when you have really tall employees and short employees). The standing desks can even be set up in a corner so that employees who want to work standing up can alternative between desk and standing desk (as long as their computer/laptop situation allows for it). Otherwise, you could incorporate adjustable height standing desks in the room. These can be lowered to a level which allows a chair, and then the employee could opt to raise it and stand when they desire.

Articulating Monitor Arm

If you are buying adjustable height office desks, but don't want the ones that extend high enough into the air for the tallest people, then you can get an articulating arm to hold the monitor. This can add several inches in height to the monitor so the tall employee can stand up and not have to hunch over to see their monitor.

These articulating arms are also great for people who don't want to stand up and work, but find that the monitors are too low and they are straining their neck to see their work during the day. The articulating monitor arm can be drilled right into the surface of the desk and some of them also have a feature to hold the keyboard.

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