How To Pick Out A Bed For Your New Studio Apartment

If you're moving into a studio apartment, then one of the most important pieces of furniture that you will have to buy is your bed. Space is of paramount importance when you're dealing with a studio apartment. You don't have the luxury of a separate bedroom, so you need to consider that the bed is going to be a main component of the single space. As such, you need to consider size, comfort (in the event you use it to sit on during the day and evening), and also storage issues.

Choosing The Right Size

First off, you need to rule out things like California Kings,Kings, and Queens. These beds are simply too large for a studio. They will make the place look super small. So what you should look at are twins and fulls. If you're living with your partner, then you should probably opt for a full as it will be the more comfortable for two people. If you or your partner is really tall, you might want to look for an XL Full, which has a bit more length to the mattress.

Firm, Cushioned, or Pillow Top

Next, you are going to have to pick out the softness, or firmness, of the mattress. Some people like a super cushioned mattress, even opting for the pillow top designed ones that offer extra cushioning. This is fine if you're not planning on sitting on your bed during the day or evening. But, if you are looking to use your bed as a sort of quasi daybed, then you might best be served by getting a firm mattress top. These are a bit more comfortable for sitting on. Of course, if you're studio is large enough so that you can have a separate sofa or reading chair, then you won't have to use your bed as a daybed, and you are free to choose whichever comfort style you prefer.

Look For A Frame With Storage

You should remember to look for a bed frame with storage. Again, when dealing with a studio, you're dealing with limited space. That means that anytime you can integrate storage into a piece of furniture, you should. You can get bed frames that have drawers underneath. This way you can eliminate the need to get a second, or a larger, dresser. It will keep the place from looking too cluttered. A nice idea would be to get a platform bed with storage draws on either side that slide out. This way you can take full advantage of the underside of the bed and not lose any precious space.