Buying Furniture For A New Home? Have Fun Shopping When You Think About Your Pets

When you move across the country, you may not feel like bringing everything that you own along for the ride. This means you may have skipped on renting a moving truck altogether, but this does mean you will need to furniture shopping as soon as you move into your new home to help your family get situated. As a new homeowner, you will have a lot more responsibility on your hands in terms of upkeep needs. Shopping for furniture with your pets in mind will help you buy pieces that work for everyone:

Microfiber Material

An excellent material to shop around for is microfiber. It is easiest to find when you are looking for couches, recliners, padded chairs, and ottomans. This material is excellent for pet owners because hair does not stick and you will not have to worry about cleaning the entire surface on a regular basis. It may be worth looking for a couch with covers in various materials as it will give you the flexibility to change it to something else and then back to microfiber when you feel like reducing the current upkeep needs.

Places to Relax

While you may have some pet furniture that you bought and placed in the home, you should not expect them to use it all the time. It is not uncommon for pets to want to spend time with their owners, so it makes sense as to why they are attracted to recliners and couches where your family spends time. A great feature in a couch is width on the back side because it will give you pets a place to lay down. Being on the back of a couch is perfect for a cat or small-sized dog who loves to spend time with their owner.

Dirt Visibility

It is important to put a lot of thought into the color that you choose for the furniture. While you could go for a lighter color such as white or beige, they are more susceptible to noticeable dirt marks. A perfect compromise is picking a darker color that blends in with the dirt and grime that attach to the surface. This will make it so that when your pets go outside and come back inside, you can feel confident that the dirt coming from outside will not get onto the furniture or at least show up on the dark colors.

Shopping for furniture while considering your pets is a great way to meet the needs of your whole family. Contact a company like Kettle River for more information and assistance.