Tips For Decorating The Bedroom With Rustic Appeal

Rustic style offers an appealing connection to the past, which also gives it a homey feel. The style focuses on rugged, natural beauty. Colors are earthy, and natural materials such as wood take center stage. Because all of these elements create a warm and welcoming ambiance, the décor style is ideal for the bedroom. Give your bedroom décor generational appeal by adding rustic elements.

Choose Wooden Furniture

The foundation of your bedroom décor is the furniture. For the rustic bedroom, wooden furniture is ideal. Any type of wood works well. It's possible to choose painted wood, but naturally stained wood adds more of that rustic appeal. Plus, the warm appearance of stained wood adds a welcoming touch. Likewise, you want pieces that add visual weight, for example by being large. For instance, you could choose a canopied four-poster bed in naturally stained wood.

Include Homey Textiles

Part of the appeal of a rustic bedroom is that it seems to span the generations, even if you've bought new wooden furniture. You can add to this feel with homey textiles for the bed and draperies. Look for handmade quilts, which you can fold at the foot of the bed or even hang in a display. You can also look for antique-look wall hangings.

Decorate with Found Objects

In that vein, part of your decorating can be with found objects. Anything that appears old or handcrafted can work for your décor. For example, if you patronize garage sales and flea markets, look for old cans, tools, mirrors, etc. They should appear worn out. You can also utilize natural items, such as a pile of pinecones in an antique-look bowl.  

Consider Hanging a Barn Door

Another way to add found objects is with your choice of door. Home and Garden TV describes a room with a barn door hung in the traditional way on tracks. This is a charming and creative addition for a rustic bedroom. As a bonus, because the door slides on tracks, it doesn't take up floor space by entering the room. You could hunt down an old barn door or have a new one customized for your bedroom.

Add More Wood

In the spirit of emphasizing natural beauty, consider adding wood even beyond your bedroom set. This can come in the form of trim, paneled walls, or beamed ceilings. If a full remodel is too ambitious, consider other wooden items, such as wooden lamps or art pieces. The woods don't have to match — that's part of the charm of rustic décor.  

Create a cozy, rustic ambiance in your bedroom with wooden furniture, homespun textiles, and found objects. Contact a company like Black Carriage Furniture for more information and assistance.