Choosing The Right Recliner For Every Room In Your Home

Recliners offer a cozy way to kick back and relax, but you may be concerned about finding the right design and look for every room you want to place a recliner in. Here are a few helpful tips you can use to find the recliner that works best in each room in your home.


Upholstery not only gives your recliner its signature look, but it also helps to determine which room the chair should go in. Leather recliners do well in studies, dens, and home theater rooms, while microfiber or velour chairs make beautiful additions to a living room or family room. If you are looking to add a recliner to a nursery, you'll want upholstery that can be easily cleaned. Linen recliners offer a classic look and can be spot-cleaned relatively easily, and faux leather offers the look of real leather while giving you an upholstery option that's easy to wipe clean as needed. Both linen and faux leather are good options if you have small children in your home.


Believe it or not, some recliners come with unique features to make them even more comfortable. Gliding or rocking recliners are perfect for nurseries or family rooms where you might want to soothe a tired baby, and chair recliners with built-in cup holders are perfect for a TV room or man cave. You can even find recliners with magazine racks and remote control caddies, which can provide added convenience in your living room or family room.


The silhouette of your recliner helps to dictate the overall design aesthetic. If you are looking to add a recliner to a more formal space in your home, consider a wingback design. Overstuffed recliners with simple silhouettes offer a more casual look, while modern shapes with clean lines work well in home offices, dens, or formal living rooms with a contemporary design theme. Mid-century recliners upholstered in linen offer a chic retro look for a living room, while Mission-style chairs featuring wood accents offer rustic vintage charm for a den or study.

Contact a furniture company, like The Chair Shop, Inc, to see all the available recliner options, and use these tips to determine which chair is right for each room in your home. You may even find complete furniture sets for your living room or bedroom that include cozy matching recliners. If you find the chair with the right features and shape, you may even be able to order a custom version with the upholstery of your choice.