Three Questions To Ask An Upholstery Services References

If you are looking to extend the life of a piece of furniture, you may be looking to have it reupholstered. But before you hire a service, it is always advised that you obtain references from the company and speak to them. These references should be people who have used the service in the past. When you speak to the references, you may find yourself unsure of what to ask. Here are three questions you should ask an upholstery services references. 

Was Your Project Completed on Time?

One of the questions you will want to ask an upholstery services references is whether their project was completed on time. When you hand over a piece of furniture to an upholsterer, they should be able to give you an estimate of when the piece will be returned to you. In some cases, there may be legitimate reasons why the piece wasn't completed on time. More damage was found on the item when the fabric was stripped away or you custom ordered fabric that did not come in on time. In other cases, there simply is no reason why the piece wasn't returned on time. Asking this question helps you determine how reliable the company was in the past when it comes to completing projects on time. 

Were You Charged More Than the Price You Were Quoted?

Another important question to ask is whether the final price was more than the initial price they were quoted. Some companies may quote low to lure people in, only to increase the price when the final bill is given. Other companies underestimate the amount of work it will take to reupholster pieces. Try to find a company that charges as close to their quote as possible.

Are You Happy With the Work Performed? 

The last question to ask is whether they are happy with their reupholstered piece. Do they like the way it looks? Has it held up? Is the new fabric quality material? All of these are important questions as they can help give you insight into whether you may be happy with the final outcome of your project if you select a certain upholsterer. 

Asking the right questions can help you determine if a person who used an upholstery service is happy with the work done, if the work was completed on time  and whether there were any surprise charges. This can give you an idea as to what it would be like to work with a company before you even hire them. If you are looking to have a piece of furniture reupholstered, take the time to ask for the upholstery services references and then ensure you ask them the right questions to determine if they are the best company for you. Contact a service, like Tri-County Furniture Restoration, for more help.