Three Reasons Why Acrylic Cases Are Better For Your Retail Store

Clear plastic cases are typically made from either polycarbonate or acrylic. Many retailers opt to get display cases made from polycarbonate because it's exceedingly durable (it's 200 times stronger than glass). However, here are three reasons why you should choose acrylic instead.

Highly Scratch Resistant

Although polycarbonate is extremely shatter resistant, it is not a super material that cannot be damaged. One of its weaknesses is that it can easily be scratched. It may not seem like a big deal in the beginning when there's only one or two marks. Over time as more and more marks appear, however, the cumulative damage can make the plastic container look cloudy and cheap. Fair or not, this can lower your customer's opinion about the quality of your products and make it harder to close a sale.

On the other hand, acrylic has a high resistance to scratches, meaning it retains its good looks for longer periods of time. There may be other reasons why you would need to replace your acrylic cases, but severe scratch damage won't be one of them. Additionally, acrylic doesn't yellow after a few years like polycarbonate because it's also highly resistant to UV rays, so your cases will continue to provide customers with a clear view of the merchandise.

Available in More Colors

Another reason why you may want to opt for acrylic over polycarbonate is because it comes in more colors. This is important when you're trying to develop and maintain a unified brand image. For instance, if you own a candy store and your logo's colors are blue and green, you will make a great impression on your clients when you can get at least some of the storage bins in blue and green.

In addition to coming in a wide range of prefabricated colors, some companies can produce acrylic sheets in custom colors, which lets you get cases that exactly fit your needs and preferences. Be sure to confirm whether there is a minimum order or not so you avoid ending up with more cases than you actually needed.

Easy to Refresh

As noted previously, acrylic retains its beauty for a longer period of time than polycarbonate. Sometimes, depending on the environment it's in and the care and maintenance it received, acrylic does get a little dull.

One of the top benefits of the material, though, is that it can be buffed and polished to greater clarity without damaging the material. Thus, if you notice that your acrylic cases aren't shining a brightly as they did previously, you can have your cases treated by a professional to restore their beauty without having to completely replace them.

For more benefits of purchasing acrylic cases or to have some customized for your business, contact a custom acrylic fabrication company.