Creating A Master Bedroom Seating Area

Your master bedroom can be more than just a large room filled with dressers, nightstands and a bed. By creating a cozy seating area in the room, you can give your master bedroom more of a luxurious five-star hotel look and feel. If you aren't sure how to pull this look off, here are a few pointers you can use before heading out to the furniture store.


A loveseat can be the centerpiece of the seating area. The loveseat you choose should sit at the center of the seating area, and all other furnishings and decor pieces can be organized around it. For a smaller master bedroom, situate the loveseat at the foot of your bed. If you have more space in the room, consider arranging the loveseat in front of a large window, a fireplace, or in an alcove area of the room. A bold pattern can make a great visual statement, while a soft, solid-color piece can offer a more subdued look.

Coffee Tables

You may choose to use your seating area for enjoying your morning cup of coffee as you select your outfit for the day, or you might use it to snuggle up with a good book. A coffee table in the seating area provides convenience for both while also tying the different decor elements together. Choose a shorter coffee table for this decor project, as the smaller scale will work well in this mini living space. Pair it with end tables on either side of the loveseat for a finished look. If possible, select a table with integrated drawers or shelves for added storage space. A beautiful alternative to a coffee table is an upholstered ottoman, which can serve as a table while also adding a plush element to the space.

Throw Pillows

The goal of creating a seating area in the master bedroom should be to give your room added comfort and a feeling of luxuriousness. Adding large, soft throw pillows can help you do exactly that. Choose pillows in alternating patterns and colors for the loveseats, and purchase additional pillows for any club or side chairs you want to add to the area. You can even stack pillows on the floor next to the loveseat for even more plushness. A fau fur area rug sprinkled with throw pillows can make a perfect finishing touch for your cozy seating area.

Look for other elements you can add to the space, such as an electric fireplace or a grand bookshelf, to customize your seating area. Consider updating your bedding or even your entire bedroom set to create a cohesive, upscale look for your master bedroom.