Three Must Have Pieces When Decorating A Small Living Room

A living room area is most often the focal point of the home. When your home has only a few spare square feet, you may find that you need to downsize the living room furniture. Though downsizing may be necessary, there are still pieces of furniture that you will need to have for a proper living room. Here are three must-have pieces when decorating a small living room. 

Go with a sofa and small chair

For a small living room, some people like sectional sofas while other people enjoy regular three seater sofas. For a tiny living room area, go with a three seater sofa and a separate small chair. Having separate pieces, rather than a sectional that is attached, will allow you to space out the pieces as necessary. If you have a living room that is not a complete square, being able to move around the sofa and chair will provide more walking space. A sofa and matching chair will also allow you to remove the chair completely if you decide that you want a more minimalist look. 

Get an eye-catching console table

A console table is a table that sits directly behind the sofa. Console tables are fairly lengthy but are only a few inches in width. These tables can hold a small flower pot, books, keys, and other odds and ends that you will want inside of the living room. Place this against the sofa and put any sort of electronics, books, paperwork, and purses on the console table. This will keep the tiny living room clutter free but give you furniture that works to keep your items in place. 

Get a glass table

Glass and mirrors are the best types of furniture to place in a small room. These surfaces help to reflect light and make it easier to see through the space. Get a living room table that is glass on the top and metal on the sides. The best type of table will be one with thin legs so that you can place storage boxes or have leg room underneath the table. Be sure to clean the glass top of the table regularly and keep 70% of the table clear so that the space looks clutter free. If you want a pop of color, spray paint the metal on the side of the glass table in the theme color of your living room. 

Keep these tips in mind as you visit a local living room furniture supplier.