Is Modern Home Decor For You? What You Should Know

When you move into a new house or apartment and are trying to decide what style of decor would be best for you, you may feel confused by all of the different options available. From traditional to farmhouse to boho decor, it can be difficult to choose the right style for you. One of the options you should consider is the modern style. Get to know more about modern decor and the ways that it can help you stylize your home. Then, you can better determine if this is the right choice for the decor in your new house or apartment. 

Basic and Clean Colors

One of the primary aspects of modern decor and design is the way in which color is used. Color is used sparingly in modern decor. The primary colors utilized are white and black with the occasional pop of bold colors added in as focal points. These bold colors are often primary colors like red or blue. 

By primarily using black and white in the decor, modern design keeps everything looking clean and streamlined which is a pinnacle characteristic of modern design. 

Functional Furniture with Clean Lines

In modern design, there is no superfluous furniture. Everything has a function and a purpose. This helps to add to the streamlined and clean look of the decor. Modern furniture is functional and has clean lines. 

This means furniture does not have any ornate accents or frilly and fluffy design elements. Modern bedroom furniture includes beds without box springs. The bed frame will be without adornments and may include a basic black or white headboard or no headboard at all. 

Metal is also a common element of modern furniture. Chairs with metal legs, metal side tables, or metal kitchen and dining room furniture are not uncommon. This metal can be combined with bold colored aspects as well. For example, metal chairs may have metal legs and arms but a bold, primary-colored cushion. 

Geometric Decor

When it comes to wall art and other decorative elements in a modern home, geometric design is often preferred. This type of art and design further carries the clean lines of the furniture and keeps everything cohesive. 

If you hang photos in a modern home, keep the frames basic and rectangular or square. You will also want to line them up in a straight line rather than scatter them over the wall. You would also want to keep the number of photos on a wall to a minimum to avoid clutter. Clutter is the antithesis of modern design.

Now that you know more about modern home decor and what it entails, you can decide whether you should head out and start shopping for your new modern furniture.