Everyday Retreat: How To Transform Your Home Into Your Favorite Vacation Spot

There's nothing like checking into your favorite vacation resort at the start of your annual vacation. You look forward to relaxing and savoring the sights, but the vacation ends all too soon and you leave your lovely resort behind and head home. What if you could feel like you were on vacation all year long? You can when you design your home to look like your favorite vacation resort.

Enlist the help of an interior design services specialist

When it comes to giving your home a makeover, don't try to do it alone. Even if you have a natural knack for decorating, an interior design specialist is valuable. Not only do they keep up with all the latest in design trends, they are a vast source of ideas and inspiration. Their expertise, combined with your decorating ability, is a win-win combination.  

Don't be afraid to interview more than one interior design services specialist until you find one you feel comfortable working with. A good interior design specialist will always welcome your input and ideas and work with you to achieve your dreams.

Plan your paradise

Pull out some photos of your favorite vacation retreat. Take note of the things that stand out to you. What design elements catch your eye first? What makes you long to be there? Once you have a few must-have elements in mind, you can work with your interior designer to develop a design plan that is within your budget.

Ask other family members what they love about your favorite family vacation spot. Children may wish to decorate their rooms to match the room they stay in at the beach. Your partner may have different ideas that you can incorporate into your home makeover.

Play with your plans

Once you know what design theme you want to create, don't rush into anything. Take your time and play with your plans until you have the exact look you want. Visit some furniture stores to get additional ideas and to compare types of furniture.

Search online for ideas in the design theme you like. Share your ideas with your interior design specialist to gain his or her insight and expertise. Once you and your family agree with the plan, you can put your plan into action by shopping for the necessary supplies and furnishings you need to get started.

Giving your home a new look is always exciting and fun, but it's even more so when you are recreating your favorite vacation resort. Be bold and go with what you love, regardless of what decorating trends are popular. You and your family will enjoy living in a home where every day feels like vacation.