Are You Beautifying Your Living Room?

Are your living room and dining room empty because you focused on buying furniture for the bedrooms, kitchen, and family room first? Or, are you using hand-me-down furniture that has seen better days? Whatever the scenario, from purchasing furniture pieces to arranging for furniture restoration, here are some ideas that might help you to create a beautiful living room and dining room setting.

Make A Design Plan - Before you begin your shopping expeditions, consider doing some homework first. For example, buy a number of house decorating magazines and check decorating books out of the library. Another idea is to visit open houses in beautiful neighborhoods in your area. Think of also visiting historic homes in your city that are open to the public. Think of keeping a notebook where you write down ideas that you liked or where you collect pictures from the research that you did from decorating magazines and books. 

For example, if you saw a particular sofa in a picture of a living room that caught your interest, take the picture with you when you shop for living room furniture. Perhaps you fell in love with antique dining room chairs when you visited a historic house. Make a note that you want to have a similar set in your own dining room. Consider shopping in places like antique shops and resale shops where you might find one-of-a-kind furniture items.

Arrange For Furniture Restoration - If you were lucky enough to find antique pieces that resemble those you admired when you did your research, don't worry if those pieces are not in tip-top shape. Fortunately, you can get the help of professionals at a furniture restoration service. Those professionals will have the experience to tell you if the furniture can be restored to make it look like it did when it was originally purchased. Contact a service like B New Restoration for more information.

You'll be amazed at the ways that older furniture can be beautified. For example, if you bought a credenza that is missing its original knobs, the furniture restoration service will more than likely be able to replace the knobs with actual antique ones. If the dining room chairs you selected need to be totally refinished, the professionals at the furniture restoration service will be able to do that too. If fabric is deteriorated, the restoration service will more than likely be able to replace that old upholstery with new fabric that keeps the same look the furniture had before.